Will and Estate Lawyer in Owensboro, KY

Will and Estate Lawyer in Owensboro, KY

4 Steps to Take Before You Make Your Will

Drafting your will while you're young and healthy isn't morbid - it's smart. Four things to consider when preparing to make your will:

1-Decide which members of your family or friends will be named in your will or left out of it. Consider who you want to get what.
2-Meet with an accountant to determine the value of your estate.
3-Choose a guardian for your children should you die before they reach legal adulthood.
4-Select an executor and an alternate executor of your estate who will take charge of the probate process after you die.

Once you make these decisions, you're ready to start drafting your will. Let the experienced attorneys at Sexton & Vallandingham, PLLC help.

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